A New Kindergarten Friend

Sunday, March 1, 2020

#SOL20: March 1st

          I walked into the kindergarten classroom during indoor recess, and watched the kids finish their game of freeze dance as I crossed the room.  I put my bookbag down against the wall, took off my jacket, and turned around.

          "Hi!  I'm J-A-S-M-I-N-E!"

          "Hi, Jasmine!  I'm Mrs. O'Donnell."

          "How did you know my name?"

          Fast forward 10 minutes, and I was being introduced to the class, and my new friend Jasmine raised her hand and shouted, "I know her!"

          I love kindergarteners.  


  1. Kinder energy is the best! If you're having a bad day, 10 minutes with them can definitely change change everything.

    I'm actually relocating to the Chicago area in June. Maybe we can connect at some point!

  2. So funny! Your magical name reading powers on full display! I taught kindergarten for 10 years and always thought I would forever be a kindergarten teacher. It certainly has a big place in my heart.

  3. This is so funny! I have been doing literacy coaching in kindergarten and they're such a riot. No filter, in the very best way! I love the way you captured Jasmine here.

  4. lol. Reminds me of Elf, "I KNOW HIM!!!"
    kids are funny!