Own Goal

Monday, March 2, 2020

#SOL20: March 2nd


          It happened so fast, yet had been talked about for so long.  My daughter had been talking about it for months.  Her goal was to score a goal in indoor soccer.  She talked about it with certainty, like she knew it was a sure thing.  Yet, her team had only scored a single goal all season, and had yet to win a game.  But she was determined to score that goal.

          And she did.

          But... it was not documented on camera (except for the picture of the scoreboard above).  Mom fail!  I was so busy being a spectator that I forgot to be a documenting spectator.  I had to redeem myself, for my memories sake.

          Two weeks later, we were at her game again.  I didn't even bring my camera this time.  I figured  I'd catch some video footage this time on my phone.  I just periodically started recording here and there so that we'd have some video of her playing with her dad as coach.  Then, before I knew it, she scored again!  And this time it was on video!!!  I was so excited.

          When the game ended, I told her "I got your goal on video!!!  Way to go!"  She looked at me, with some irritation in her expression, and said, "It was more of an assist."  I was stumped.  An assist?  No, the person who kicked it in the goal was her!  I told her that, and then she said that the goalie actually knocked it in.

           "Ok, well no opposing teammate is ever going to WANT to assist a goal, so you don't need to give them that credit.  You got a goal!  Two this season!  Be proud!"

          It turns out, I was wrong and there is a name for it.  OWN GOAL.  The video shows it might just be one, too.  This soccer mom learned a new soccer fact.

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