Pandemic Slices of Life

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

#SOL20: March 31st

          I had high hopes that this year I'd slice every day.  But, here's a secret about me.  I don't like to write and share thoughts that are completely deep and dark and scary.  I like to share stories that have at least a glimmer of hope, even in mostly bad situations.

          Pandemics, it turns out, cloud my mind and hide the glimmer.

          I'm sad for the front line workers, like my sister, who have to put their lives on the line.

          I'm sad for my students and coworkers, whose worlds are so completely disrupted.

          I'm sad for my children, who've had events cancelled that they've been planning for all year.

          I'm nervous and anxious and fearful and sad for the world.

          And yet...

          I'm thankful for the days that I did slice, because on those days, I was able to put my fears and anxiety aside and share things that helped me feel gratitude and hope and joy in the middle of all the fear.  I'm thankful that slicing helped me see the glimmer, even if it wasn't the full 31 days of March.  

          See you next year.  In the meantime, keep washing those hands.

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