Tuesday, March 10, 2020

#SOL20: March 10th

          I accidentally skipped slicing Sunday.  I didn't even realize it until Monday.  When I sat down to blog Monday, all I could think about was coronavirus.  So, I closed my computer and didn't write again.  Now it's Tuesday, and I almost did the same thing.

          Here I am, pushing through my desire to skip slicing because I don't want to write about fear.  Yet, somehow, it's all that creeps into my head when I go to type.  Somehow, this post has turned into what I didn't want it to become.



          Toilet Paper?

          Burdened hospitals.


          School closures.

          11 cases in Illinois.

          But I sliced anyway.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll be able to focus on more than just the unknown and impending. Maybe the trick will be to blog before I check social media.  It's hard when your computer is your news source AND your access to your blog.  


  1. Hugs. I get it. I've been trying to stay level headed and not worry about any of this. But it's getting harder and harder not to worry.

  2. Yes it seems to be a main topic of news and conversations worldwide, it's amazing. I hope you can get past it tomorrow!

  3. I understand your state of mind. News can overwhelm. Finding the good things in a day may be a challenge. At the same time finding the good things helps to build resilience. Writing helps too. Keep writing - the fears and the joys and everything in between.

  4. I hear you and it seems important the you can acknowledge your fears and live them as they are. Keep listening to medical professionals and keep washing those hands. The challenges we face through this virus can really only be confronted and mitigated through collective action - all of us looking out for each other wherever we find ourselves. That's a tall order in Western societies but we're capable. We are. Wishing you strength and courage in the coming days and weeks.

  5. I completely understand how you feel. You can't escape it! I'm on Day 9 of self-quarantine. My colleague has tested positive and in isolation at a local hospital. Our entire school community is quarantined and we are teaching online. It's not something I thought would happen to me. I keep trying to avoid the news, yet it still finds me. Writing is helping me process. Hopefully it'll help you, too. Sending you positive and calming vibes!

    1. It took me 4 days to read this, so that means you are even closer to ending that quarantine of yours. I hope you and your students have remained healthy. Our schools just closed Friday, so we are just beginning to feel it here.