Dentist Approved

Saturday, March 7, 2020

#SOL20: March 7th

          We were driving in the car, and I was half listening to the radio.  From the back seat, my son yelled, "Well, that's weird!!!"

          "Did I hear that right?  Is is National Oreo Day?" I asked.  

          "Yeah, but it is also National Dentist Day.  They just said that."

          "So, it's National Oreo Day AND National Dentist Day?  That just makes no sense.  No sense at all."  My daughter was perplexed.

          "OK, well when you eat your Oreos at lunch, celebrate National Oreo Day."

           "I think they made these 2 days the same on purpose," my daughter declared from the back seat.  "I don't like Oreos anyway."

          "Well, I'm still going to eat mine."  Evan was not going to be swayed.  Perhaps mint Oreos are similar to his mint toothpaste... He's one smart cookie eater.


  1. Your daughter is one smart cookie. (I'm chuckling at the keyboard)

  2. I wonder if National Ice Cream day and National Endocrinologist day are the same? :) :)
    Ahh the wisdom and logic of youth- you got yourself a whole smart cookie jar there, Leah!

  3. No doubt that whoever is in charge of these made-up days thought that would be pretty funny to put these on the same date. 😂

  4. Mint oreos, I'm drooling. Can I get that with a side of an oreo shamrock shake?! :-)