What I'm Loving Wednesday

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day 8: What I'm Loving Wednesday

The City of Chicago
OK, so driving into the city during rush hour kind of makes me insane.  But, once the car is parked, and/or once I ditched the car for the Metra, the city gets it appeal right back!  I am in the city for 3 days with week at a dual language conference at Erikson, and I have to say that Chicago is a pretty awesome place to be.  Yesterday, on the way back to the train, I stopped and got Garrett Popcorn, saw the Bean, and even got to hear the symphony practice for their concert later this week.  Today, my tourist behaviors were a bit more subtle, but I was still enjoying the city life.

The Museum of Science and Industry

MSI is just a pretty awesome place.  My kids adore it, it is right by the lake if you cross the street, and they now validate parking for members. I mean, free parking in the City?  Yes, please.  There are a ton of reasons why I love this museum, but my kids love it even more, so it is pretty high on the list right now.

I attempted to drive downtown yesterday, and my anxiety level was just sky high.  I can't handle the weird traffic ways of drivers in city traffic.  I mean, do the same traffic rules exist down there?  So, today I took the train.  I sat there with a cup of coffee and read Chomp by Carl Hiassen (which I also LOVE) on the way there, and on the way back.  Hey, can I get a Metra line to run to Hiawatha every day? That would be awesome.

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