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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day 29: School Year Essentials

I took my kids to Target today to buy their school year essentials.  
We had our supply list out for my kindergartner and my first grader.  
I grabbed a basket and headed to the school supplies section.

The basket filled very quickly.  

Luckily, someone had abandoned a shopping cart near the girls' clothing department.  
After dropping a trail of school supply "bread crumbs" I needed to put my basket into a real cart.

I managed to squeeze a few of my own favorites in there, too.

I always say I want a planner, and never get one.  After looking online at +Michelle Brezek's  Erin Condren one, I was green with envy.  So, I bought a cheap one at Target with some of my favorite Paper Mate and Sharpie pens to match.  I also bought a new Thing 1 composition book to carry in my bag for note taking purposes this year.  I also threw in 5 boxes of Crayola markers.  I always stock up when they are $1.  And, of course, those pretty Ticonderoga pencils in fun colors...  :)  

(Sorry, Michelle.  No vlog.)   

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  1. I love school supplies and planners and markers, all of it! Thanks for posting your favorite stuff and yes, your new NB is perfect! :-)