Slice of Life: August

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 28 of #btbc15: Slice of Life

     Panic is starting to set in.  August is upon us.  The summer sun is starting to set.

     I love school.  I really do.  The beginning of the year has always been something that I look forward to.  New beginnings, a long summer... time to start again.  But, having my own kids changed me.

     I love sitting here, watching them play with their LEGOS and their Playmobils and all the random things in between.  Playing school with their characters, creating elaborate stories and taking field trips around the house with their characters.

     I love taking the kids, on a whim, to the car on a journey to a new park.  Driving with the goal of a few good slides, and a stop at a Dunkin Donuts on the way.  Iced coffee at the park with my kids.  Perfection.

     I love our adventures together.  Oh, the places we go.  Big destinations and small, but always together.  A family with two teacher parents means family fun all summer.  And, by family fun, that also includes tears and drama and over tiredness.  But, family all the same.

     We have our summer bucket list now.  Open days are slipping away.  We have a short list to accomplish, but the list of dates available is also short.  Panic.  

     This year, all four of us will be going to school.  Our summers are all ending together.  Even though I happen to love the fall, I'm not quite ready for the leaves to fall just yet. 



  1. I understand that feeling August can bring. It sounds like your family has been appreciating every moment of summer! Sweet times! Sweet memories!

    1. We have certainly had a nice summer so far. Sweet memories for sure!

  2. This made me smile. EVERY teacher can relate I'm sure. The panic of a bucket list with too little time is all too familiar. I wish you many hugs as these days begin to wind down.

  3. Beautifully put. I love being a teacher, and a part of me cannot wait for school to start, but a big chunk of my heart just wants to continue lazy summer days of soaking up family time!

  4. I can totally relate. I always loved being with my kids 24/7 during the summers! Great to record those beautiful thoughts. Looking back brings back at these thoughts will flood your heart with all of these tender memories of those past summers. Beautiful Leah! :) xoxo