Pure Michigan

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Day 22: What I'm Loving Wednesday


I love Michigan.

OK, that might sound shocking coming from a University of Illinois graduate.  I mean the state, not the team.  :)  GO, ILLINI.

We just got home from a short trip to Michigan.  Last year, my husband and I took our kids on their first vacation to Holland, Michigan.  We were there for two nights, with a stop at Notre Dame on the way up and a stop at Saugatuk on the way down.  They kids had a blast, so we told my sister that we should go again next year, but as a family trip.  Fast forward a year, and we did!  My sister's family, her mother in law, our mom, and my own family went to Holland again for two more nights of pure Michigan.  This time, we also brought our Playmobil toys to play with, with a Playmobil for each member of our family.  I mean, when you have as many toys as we do, we might as well use them.

Here are the reasons why I love Michigan.

Reason #1
It's a short drive!  Just a bit over 2 hours (if traffic cooperates) and you are ready to go to the beach!  Plus, with beach towns all along the way, there is always a place to stop and explore.

Reason #2 
The beach!  In three days, we went to three different beaches.  2 in Holland, and one in St. Joseph. Each one was different and had its own charm.  They have sand dunes to climb, sand to walk through and build with, waves to run into, and even parks ON the beach.  I think the sand was softer and cleaner than the beach we went to in California last month, and they were much closer to home.  One of the days we went in the rain, and we still had fun.  

Reason #3
Silver Beach in St. Joseph was new for us this year, and it was a great stop to make.  They have a beautiful carousel to ride, a splash pad that makes a bigger splash than any I have ever seen, and TWO parks on the beach, separated by an ice cream shop.   It also has Silver Beach Pizza.  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  It was delicious. 

Reason #4
We stopped in New Buffalo for lunch at Redamak's for their world famous burgers.  They were indeed very good, and so were their french fries.  I hear the beach there in nice, too, but we didn't make it down there.

Reason #5
Holland has an amusement park called Dutch Village.  My kids love it there.  They have a ferris wheel attached to a windmill, a slide that comes out of a wooden shoe, pedal cars, an old Dutch school room, and a performance by dancers wearing wooden shoes.  Fun was had by all.

Except for the sand that traveled back home with us, I wouldn't trade a thing about our time in Michigan!  


  1. Your blog looks beautiful!!!! So classic and clean and I love the pic at the top! :-)
    Now, Silver Beach - Yes, agree that it rivals beaches in CA! I went there for the first time two summers ago and thought the same thing. My best friend - her aunt lives one block away from that beauty!
    Glad you had a great family trip! :-)

  2. Thanks, Michelle. I figured it was time to pretty the blog up. Those are my kids in the pic, a few falls ago.

    I don't think I could live a block away from that beach, because I would eat at Silver Beach Pizza every day. No joke.