Fiscal Responsibility

Friday, July 7, 2017

       With all the talks of the Illinois budget on the news, and just returning from a fun filled yet magically expensive trip to visit Mickey Mouse, I decided to be more fiscally responsible moving forward.  The day I came home from the trip I headed to the Super Target to get groceries, and that's what I bought.  Groceries.  And one top.  But that's it.  Unless you count those cheap sandals as a non-grocery item.  But I digress...

     Now that vacation is over, I don't need to buy items for the trip.  I can stick to groceries and only the necessities.  I have a plan.  (This was Monday.)

     Today was Thursday.


     Do you think Mo Willems plushies count as a necessity of life?  I may need a new plan.  I don't need any more plushies, though, because Pigeon, Piggie, Gerald, Duckling and Knuffle Bunny joined the family today.  :)

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