Door County

Monday, July 17, 2017

We went to Door County to celebrate my aunt and uncle's 50th anniversary this weekend.  

...watched cars at the Hinsdale Oasis while eating pancakes from McDonalds
...played with giraffes and seals at the Milwaukee Zoo
...pretended to be Packers Fan (for a few minutes) in Green Bay
...ate pizza in Sister Bay at 10pm with 3 kids (bad moms)
...had cherry stuffed french toast at The White Gull Inn
...bought fudge and souvenirs in Fish Creek
...celebrated 50 years with the extended family
...rushed to see a sunset in Ellison Bay and caught a sliver of it
...had dinner (again too late) by the fire at our hotel
...had yet another breakfast, this time scoring some cherry jam
...threw rocks into the lake at Ellison Bay Beach after sliding on some slides
...went cherry picking with no actual intention to bake (but froze them anyway)
...bought a necklace in honor of our own 15th anniversary at O'Meara's
...stopped at Fun Park and go-karted around a bit
...made a stop at the Mars Cheese Castle for some world famous cheese curds
...took 94 into the city to see Chicago at night on our way home
...fell asleep

It's pretty awesome that 50 years ago, my aunt and uncle got married, and that resulted in the memories my family had this weekend.  

Love is amazing.

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