Fear, and Legos

Thursday, July 6, 2017

    We used to be members at the Legoland Discovery Center in Chicago for about 3 years.  It was an hour drive to get there, but the kids LOVED it, and everything is at least an hours drive in the suburbs anyway.  We let our membership lapse a few years ago when we went to Legoland California for the first time.  We used the money to buy admission tickets there instead.  

     Two years later, we were headed back to Legoland, but this time in Florida.  They have The Dragon coaster that is displayed on the wall of the Discovery Center in Chicago.  They had talked about going on that ride for years.  The time had finally come.

     And then is almost didn't happen.

     My son loves to watch roller coasters, but isn't a huge fan of riding them.  He often lets his fear of the unknown stop him from trying many things, like rides, and foods, and even movies.  I suppose he takes after me.   My daughter, on the other had, jumps right in, and then admits later that something scared her a little.  She is much more like her father.  I told my son that we weren't going to let fear stop him from something that he had hoped for for years.

     Our first ride at Legoland was indeed The Dragon, and we all survived.  We did it!  We even have the DigiPass photo to prove it.  We put our fears aside and experienced it together.  The second time around, a few of us decided to skip it, and that's ok.  There are some things you just need to do once.  :)  

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  1. Such a special experience, I'm glad everyone got on the ride!