iEngage Day #2

Sunday, May 10, 2015

     The 2nd day of iEngage, my district's first EdTech conference, was a day of learning and reflection for me.  As John Antonetti said in his opening Keynote, a whole lot of educators came here on a Saturday just to make their craft better.  Just amazing.

     There were so many things that I could write about here, but I decided to go with my top 10 Word Swag big ideas that I used for the @TheEdCollab gathering a few weeks ago.  This time, however, I made them all iEngage green.  If my nails are green, I might as well might make my Word Swags green, too.

     I thought about all the new learning I had been gifted, and I looked over my notes, my tweets, and some links to the slideshows that had been shared.  Picking my top 10 big new understandings and/or inspirations was actually pretty hard.  After some deep reflection, here they are in no particular order:

     I decided to make an 11th one that is actually my own words.  I was giving a session with my principal, +Karen Marino, about Standards Based Grading.  It was a Leadership Strand, so we had some stopping points in there with questions for our participants to think about as leaders.  

     Everyone in a building, from teachers to admins, have the power to be leaders.  Whenever we got to a point in the slideshow with this image, we stopped and had them consider how they were going to use their leadership in their role to move toward SBG.  After the day was over, I was going over the tweets and saw one from my own session by +Robin Sterrett.
     I mean, isn't that the point?  That we all have the power to be leaders and make changes for the betterment of our students?  That we come to learn new things, and really put those things into action when they make a difference for the children sitting in front of us?  Whether we are making decisions that affect 1 student, 28 students, 500 students, or 4,000, we all have the ability to be a leader.  Making tough decisions on a daily basis is at the core of teaching.  Choose your actions using professional judgement, but always with your core values in mind, and make a difference.  Lead the way, now that we are all ready and inspired after #iengagebwyn.

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