A Celebration of the Arts!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

     This week, we had our first fine arts showcase at Hiawatha School!  It was hosted by our art teacher, Andrea Siegler, and our music teacher, Nancy Chlumsky.  It was a night to celebrate the creativity of our Hiawatha students and share art, art-making, music, dance, and performance with the community.

     The halls were simply covered in student masterpieces!

     My favorite moment of the night had to be when I turned the corner after watching a puppet show, and I saw one of our students standing in the hall with a crowd around her as she played the violin.  My heart skipped a beat with that one.  I have always been sad that D100 doesn't have an orchestra.  Seeing her play the violin was just pure joy for me.  

     I love literacy.  I really do.  Thankfully, that is my job.  :)  But, my passions do not stop there.  I love the integration of music, art and drama into classroom instruction.  The interest started in my days as a student myself.  I felt great pride having my own artwork displayed in art shows, and as a violinist who performed with an orchestra for 9 years.  To be honest, I was a shy kid, and having the ability to express myself without words was a very important part of developing who I became as I grew up. 

     The world has changed a bit since I was a kid, and children have many opportunities now to CREATE.  Our district, with our 1:1 technology, is focusing quite a bit on the SAMR model and ways to help educators infuse tech into teaching and learning.  While we move our students and teachers above the line into Modification and Redefinition, I ask that we still continue to keep in mind the arts.  Children can use tech, with the integration of art, drama, and music, to create content that demonstrates learning and understanding.  With the tools our students have in their hands, the things that they can create are limitless.

     To see the complete set of photos and very short video clips from Hiawatha's Fine Arts Showcase, please click here:
Fine Arts Slideshow

     Thank you, Andrea and Nancy, for showcasing the arts.  Thanks, +Karen Marino, for adding this event to our evening events for our families.  


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