The Ed Collab Did it Again!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

     It was a beautiful Saturday morning, and my kids were at their dance class.  This week, they got to invite their 3 year old cousin to join them!  It was adorable, and funny, and awkward, watching my 3 year old niece dance in the big kid class.   It was enough to distract me, at least for a little while, because a little voice in my head kept saying, "You are missing the intro to the Ed Collab Gathering."  Sadly, their studio does not have wifi.  Thank goodness those #tinydancers put on a great show.

     The truth is, I have really come to enjoy the twice annual gathering put on by the generous educators in The Educator Collaborative.  Free PD in my pajamas (usually), given by top rate educators!  A PLN dream come true.  :)  Here are my previous reflection posts:

Spring 2016

For links to watch this year's sessions, please go to the gathering page on The Ed Collab's website.

     I was able to attend 4 sessions live that day.  Here are my sketch notes, and the Twitter handles of the presenters.  Please follow them!


     I did not end making sketchnotes for the last session.  I use sketchnotes to synthesize the important ideas as I learn, and the last session was really more about inspiration.  We heard from educators from around the world who are are under 30 years old and have already made dramatic enhancements to the education field.  It was inspiring to hear about their work, and made me think about the impact that I can have on students going forward.

     I was honored when Clare and Tammy asked later if they could make my sketchnotes of their session as their Twitter cover photo.  The ironic part of that is that I had been inspired to sketchnote a year earlier by Tanny McGregor, whose session with Shawna Coppola earlier in the day had been about sketchnoting too!  I had seen her post on her blog post (here) in December of 2015, and I had just started digital sketchnoting at conferences a few months earlier.  It was her post that inspired me to buy a journal and do it as I read novels, too, that has inspired me to see the true benefits of sketchnoting with pens and with a stylus.  Thanks, Tanny.

     Clare and Tammy, you are an assessment light.  We need you in this data driven world.  I will be using your book and the ideas you shared with SO MANY teachers that I work with in my district.  That Messy Planning Sheet is INSPIRED.  

     Pernille and Amira, we have 5 classes at my school reading The BFG for the Global Read Aloud.  Thank you for connecting our students with the world through literacy!  We are excited to begin this week!

     Thanks again, +Christopher Lehman, for putting together such a great day of learning.  I would say, "See you again in the spring!" but I don't need to wait that long.  I am signed up to learn with The Educator Collaborative all year long.  Go to their website and check out the professional development options they have!  They are a wonderful addition to your PLN. 


  1. Love your post and your sketchnotes -- we have been using it with students to show how creating meaning with this strategy. You inspired us to check out that session - it was great. Sketchnotes has such opportunity for assessment as well. Thank you!
    Clare and Tammy

    1. You're right! Sketch notes would be a great formative assessment. Thanks for taking the time to write a comment!