Spring #TheEdCollabGathering Reflections

Sunday, April 3, 2016

     Once again, The Educator Collaborative and +Christopher Lehman organized another day of free online learning in their #TheEdCollabGathering.  They had a wide selection of sessions perfect for a wide variety of educators, and they are all archived here!  I missed the opening sessions, and there are a few others I want to check out, so that link will be very helpful.  :)

     Overall, I think this quote that ended the day sums it up.


     Very few other professions would find their staff learning by choice for free on a Saturday.  All teachers believe that every child can learn, but the best ones know that this is true about ourselves first.  We cannot expect students to learn if we ourselves have already filled our learning cup.  Learning doesn't end.  So, on a Saturday in April, educators from around the world come "together" to learn together and become better educators for our students, and for ourselves.  I learned some new things, and I reflected on many things.  

     One of my biggest take aways, though, came from the closing session with Maggie Beattie Roberts and Kate Roberts.   They were talking about how hard our job is an educator, and how we need to utilize tools for both our own learning, and for the learning done by our students, to help us process the information that we take in.  How very true!!  We can learn something new every single day, but if we don't process it, or transfer it, or synthesize it with previous learning, then most often it doesn't really do anything for us as learners.  I think that is why I have really loved taking notes with the Paper 53 app this year.  I have found a tool that allows me to take notes in the way that I process things, but also makes me prioritize and synthesize learning that's relevant to me.  Tools are so critical to my own understanding.  How is that being applied to my students' learning?  This is a question I will be reflecting on a lot as the year comes to a close.  

     Below I put my #sketchnotes from the sessions I watched live, along with their Twitter handles.  Follow them!  I also just *had* to make some Word Swags with a few quotes along the way, to take advantage of the Word Swag updates just released.  Thanks, Jen Jones (@hellojenjones) for that heads up! 



     Every single time I hear Dr. Howard, I am reminded of the PURPOSE we have as educators.  She is always quick to remind me that our job is child centered, and that is the way it should always be.  I have Word Swagged her quite a bit over the last three years since I first heard her speak.  Now I hear her voice in my head whenever I need to make a tough decision.  This new quote, "Passion drives the deep thinking bus" will be one of those quotes for sure.  

     HUGE DIGITAL HIGH FIVE for these quotes from Linda Hoyt!!!  Read alouds matter.


"Yep," said Coach OD.


     Education is full of challenges and bumps along the way.  And, many times, all we can focus on is those bumps.  But, just perhaps, if we accept that our job is filled with good and bad, perhaps we can see both in our reflections.  Yeah, our day probably had some "Oh no!" moments.  But, were there some a-ha moments in there too?  Maybe even a few more than those bumps?  If we focus our day to day reflections that way, perhaps we will see our own impact on students a little more.  Thanks, Kate and Maggie, for your honest (and quite humorous) thoughts.  

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  1. Wow. All I can say is Wow. My own synthesis of learnings from yesterday is still marinating in my brain and it has to all get down on my pages today in order to be applicable to my teaching. I am deeply inspired by your reflections here. Thank you! ;-)

  2. I loved seeing your tweets with your sketch notes yesterday. You do a fabulous job with those! I have the Paper 53 app downloaded but have not done anything with it...yet! There was so much to take away from yesterday and you have captured some things I missed. Thanks for sharing these.

  3. I love how beautifully you have captured your learning in the apps you used. I had to download the Word swag app after seeing your quotes. Somehow every statement seems much wiser when captured in Word Swag. Thanks for connecting to DigiLit Sunday. I post every Sunday, so I hope you will join us again. This is how we become a community of teachers and learners.

  4. Loved reading your sketch notes! Such a powerful way to see it all! Thank you for sharing this with all of us!!

  5. I love how you capture the salient points in such visually stunning ways! I enjoyed reading your Tweets yesterday and reflections today.