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Sunday, January 24, 2016

      This is a guest post, written by Christine Flowers!  She is a fantastic 3rd grade teacher at Hiawatha School, and part of our #D100BloggerPD crew.  Today she is sharing with us what inspires her.

What inspires me?

     Being a mom is tough. Being a working mom is tough. Being a teacher working mom is NUTS!! Thank goodness my daughters inspire me to be the best me and accept my shortcomings. There is always tomorrow to try again, get it right. I finally try to live my life by the mantra: Don’t sweat the little stuff but cherish the little moments.

     Becoming National Board certified made me a much more reflective teacher on my practice. Becoming a mom made me a much more reflective teacher on my individual students. So many times I ask myself, “Did I try to listen and really hear what my students were saying?” “Did I make my students feel special today? “ Did I greet and smile at each student individually?” Because that is what I want for my daughters.

     Everyone can learn if they feel safe. However what we need to feel safe is so varied. Growing up in the exact same household, that set of needs is so very different for each of my daughters. Huh, guess it would be in the classroom as well. So as I try to quell another meltdown at home while understanding what caused it and what might alleviate it, I think about my classroom and how to apply that strategy. Practicing the piano, completing a book log, heck even brushing our teeth…major productions some days in the Flowers household. Okay, okay…let’s teach self motivation, natural consequences, consistency…wait! I think that all applies in my classroom as well. Kids just don’t want to do it because someone “told them to”.


Every day my Alexa Gabrielle and Alyssa Ann inspire me though their words and actions..and my REACTIONS….to be a better person and a better teacher. One day at a time!

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  1. Love it Chris! So true! Thanks for sharing what inspires you!

  2. Thanks for sharing what inspires you Chris! Loved it!

  3. Great post! Thanks-- sometimes it's nice to hear from another teacher/mom that the struggle is real (but also inspirational!) :)