Starting Down A New Path Towards Biliteracy

Sunday, August 30, 2015

     Life is full of paths.  Some we take, others we don't.  It's hard to tell what the final destination will be sometimes as we start down a new path, but with thoughtful decision making and a good map, we can usually reach the outcome we hoped for.  Of course, there may be unexpected twists and turns and bumps in the road, but if we are prepared to grow and have an open mind, the journey sometimes helps us reach an even better destination.

     I am all deep and reflective this week as D100 starts down a new path.  In my time in the district, we have taken (and continued down) many roads.  I have seen our bilingual program begin in k-3, full inclusion and co-teaching start across the grades, 1:1 technology integration across k-8, and now we are beginning a dual language program.  On Thursday, the journey towards dual language started in 2 kindergartens at Emerson.  +Gissel Escobedo and +Miriam Lopez, along with +Beatriz Lopez,  started us down a new path, full of hope and determination.  

     What are some things I noticed at the beginning of the journey?


A warm, welcoming environment that had the walls free to focus on and build upon 
the languages of the students.

A clear way to identify the English and Spanish languages the students will soon be using.  Blue is for English, and green is for Spanish.  There are scarves for the teachers to wear when they are speaking, and dry erase markers and pointers in those colors for when they are writing.  Both languages have a color to signify it and give it value.  

I saw supportive coworkers and mentors just waiting to 
help and learn alongside Miriam and Gissel.

     I was only there for about 20 minutes on Thursday morning.  I left as the teachers were going outside to pick up their students, because they needed to focus on building relationships with their kids.  Right from the start, that is what matters most.  Children who are supported and welcomed by their teachers feel valued and respected and are able to learn.  And, this year, they will learn in 2 languages.  They will begin their paths to being biliterate individuals in this world.  They have only taken a few steps so far, but we are eagerly watching filled with hope for their success in the world beyond D100.




  1. beautiful post Leah. I admire the way you always write so eloquently, with metaphor like the paths we are traveling on. Thank you for sharing, and I'm glad we're on this journey together!

  2. Thanks, Michelle. I need to start taking pictures in metaphor though. :) Didn't have one for that...