One Sentence

Thursday, August 6, 2015

     I look forward to Thursday nights because it is one of my favorite Twitter chats of the week.   The #G2Great chat, moderated by @brennanamy, @hayhurst3 and @DrMaryHoward, is always a place to be uplifted in our work as educators.  Check it out.  7:30-8:30 here in IL.  

     Tonight the chat ended with the challenge above.  What one sentence defines your deepest beliefs as a teacher?  Wow.  That one took me a moment.  But what a great question to ask ourselves!!!  As we start another year, a fresh start with new faces in front of us, what is it that really makes us the teacher that we are?  What are your beliefs about the role you have?

     I ask you to take the time to think of your sentence.  You can tweet it out using #g2great, you can write it in the comments below, or you can keep it close to your heart.  But, as another busy year begins, ask yourself what matters the most to you as an educator.  Then write it down.  That way, it will be easier to stay true to your beliefs as the year begins, and even more importantly as the year gets long and you grow tired as challenges and hurdles come your way.  

    Here's mine, in a Word Swag of course.   I just love that app.  :)  

     Thanks Amy, Jenn, and Mary for your weekly inspiration!  #g2great

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