Not to Be Political...

Thursday, January 19, 2017

     I don't do politics very often.  I have strong political beliefs (and those who know me personally know them) but I don't usually put political things out there on social media.  To be honest, somewhere along the line I was told that as teachers we shouldn't, and I am a rule follower.  

     But here I am, sitting in my family room, reading the tweets thanking Obama on his last night as president, and I am sobbing.  I can't really even see the screen very well, so I hope this is spelled correctly.  My keyboard is blurry.  Maybe I shouldn't have watched 2 episodes of This is Us in a row...

     I posted that picture of my son, who was less than a month old, 8 years ago after I voted for Obama.  There, I said it.  In fact, I voted for him twice.  

     I'm sad.  I'll put my biggest reason right here.  8 years ago, I posted that picture of my son on Facebook.  I wasn't worried that my friends or family would be offended.  I knew they didn't all agree with me, but I was a proud mom, posting a picture of my son in a onesie that was given to me by a dear friend.  I posted it before he won, so it wasn't trying to brag that my candidate won.  It was a statement about the importance of being a citizen, and a proud new mom. And there were no negative comments posted.  Tonight, I was going to post it on Facebook again and thank Obama for his time, and I was afraid that someone would put some hateful, Obama bashing comment next to a precious picture of my son.  And, to be honest, it would have probably been a close friend or family member.  So, instead, I started crying.

     What has happened to this world?

     I am tired of everyone having to be right, but no one doing what is right. 

     OK, so not EVERYONE has to be right and I'm sure that it isn't really NO ONE doing what is right, but it just seems like that lately.  We all can't agree on everything, but at this point it seems like it is more important that we disagree with people than actually try to find some common ground.  And that just makes me sad.

     So, on this last night of the Obama presidency, I am thankful for a president who spoke with respect at every public speaking event that I ever watched, even when he probably didn't want to be.  I am thankful for a president who believes that being a dad is even more important than being the president.  That is so telling.  I am thankful for his fighting for equality and coverage for all, and for taking a place in history as the first African American president.  It sends such a great message to our children.  I am thankful.

      Nowhere in there did I mention the things that I didn't like, because, well, no one is perfect.  And, on this last night of his presidency, I am showing gratitude.  My son has only known Obama as president, and I am grateful that he had a model of a great leader.

     By hitting "publish" I will feel better, because my thoughts came out in words, and that always seems to help me.  I might not tag this on Twitter, like I usually do, because I went political, and I hesitate, but I feel better. We'll see.

     This self-proclaimed "rainbow spotter" and close reader of good just saw the White House lit up as a rainbow for Obama's last night.  My coworkers changed my lightbox the other day, and now I see how it was just meant to be.  There is always a rainbow, somewhere.  Sometimes it's huge and on the White House, and sometimes it is small and almost not even there.  But, it is always there if we know to look for it.



  1. I'm finally just reading your blog and it's so good Leah. Last night on Facebook I posted a video by Brene Brown, and she was talking about how to talk to our kids these days - since there is so much that is dividing us up and how we are not listening to each other and trying to find common ground. I immediately thought of that when I started reading your post. It is such a difficult time, but we can always find a rainbow to talk about! :-) You should definitely put this on SM!

  2. I am married to an American.
    Thank you for this post.