New to Twitter Chats?

Monday, November 23, 2015

Here is a post from +Michelle Brezek on how to use TweetDeck during our first #d100chat!!!  It starts in less than 30 minutes!!!

For those of you who are joining us tonight, but have never done a Twitter chat before, here is an even more scaled back tutorial.  I love TweetDeck, but if that is too much, start with searching for the #D100chat hashtag.

There are just a few rules.

RULE #1 
With every tweet you send during the chat, add the #D100chat hashtag.

7:30  Login to Twitter, and search for #D100chat.  After you hit search, make sure you hit LIVE tweets.  Otherwise, only the most current will come up.

Search for #D100chat

Click LIVE to see all the tweets.  
You'll have to keep refreshing it as more tweets come in.

 7:31 Send out a tweet that gives us your name, position and school.  End the tweet with the #D100chat hashtag.

7:34  I will be posting the first question!  It will say:

Tweet back your response, with A1 at the beginning of the tweet (for Answer 1).  Don't forget to include #D100chat!

7:42 I will post question 2!  I will start it with Q2, so you respond with A2.  Don't forget to include #D100chat!!!

7:50 I will post question 3!  I will start it with Q3, so you respond with A3.  Don't forget to include #D100chat!!!

7:58 I will post Q4 about celebrations and shout outs.  This would be a great place to give a staff member a shout out, or use your school hashtag to brag.  Just don't forget to also include #D100chat too.

RULE #2 
Collaborate with others and have fun!

And that's it!

If you just want to lurk today, and not answer questions, please at least consider introducing yourself at the beginning so that we know you are there.

Here we go!!!

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