Self-Assessment in 1st Grade

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

     We have a first grade teacher who has really embraced growth mindset, for both herself and for her students.  She is willing to collaborate and learn from her team, and other coworkers, and the friendly lit coach (me).  Her name is +Julianne LaFleur.

     Today, we were meeting because she had found a video with a lesson idea that she would like to try out in her room.  (More on that in a later post).  It centers around feedback, and we ended up talking about some lesson ideas we had planned in her shared reading block around reading with fluency.  We had met a few weeks ago to figure out how to split lessons between the reading mini lessons and shared reading so that they worked together in a balanced literacy way.  For reading workshop, the long term goal for the unit is to create "movie book clubs" around some drama and story reenactment.  So, for shared reading, we thought it might be nice to focus on reading with fluency and gestures to work toward that end goal.  Julianne also wanted to create a way for students to self assess and to give feedback to each other about their character performance.

     Julianne has a 1:1 iPad classroom, so her students are very savvy with tech.  But, what impresses me is how the students use that tech to self assess their learning.  Take this for example...

Here is a video of one of her students showing the facial expressions and gestures of a character from a just right book in his independent reading box.
Take 1!

     He watched his own video, then used this rubric to self assess his video and submitted it to his teacher through Showbie.  Oh his rubric, he marked himself as a frown for both eyebrows and mouth not matching the emotion.  Julianne then decided to use his video to model having the class give him feedback, and they also told him to add those two things as well.

So, he went back to iPad and did it over again!  Here is a video of her student, after he self assessed himself and the class gave him feedback to use his eyebrows and mouth more.
Take 2!

     Isn't that incredible!  Even in first grade, students can learn that we can always improve.  We can assess ourselves, we can ask others for feedback, and we can do things more than once.


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