Reflective Vs Responsive

Saturday, September 20, 2014

     Here we are, gathered together on the internet again, this time at Responsive Literacy (rather than Hiawatha Literacy for Teachers).  To be honest, I have a google site that is also named Hiawatha Literacy, and there was just too much confusion about which one I was referring two with both being named the same thing.  So, it was time to make a change.

     I have always said that I am a reflective teacher.  I almost reflect too much, in fact.  It seems like every decision I make I feel I need to justify or apologize for, or even blog about.  I think too much.  So I  looked up the word reflect recently in the dictionary, and the above definition was what I found.  The first part of the definition, "to throw back heat, light, or sound without absorbing it," confused me a little.  How does that definition make any sense?  When I reflect on the choices I make, I most certainly absorb them.  I suppose it is the 2nd part of the definition that I was expecting, "to think deeply or carefully about" something.

     Upon deeper reflection, perhaps both parts are indeed needed.  While the first part refers to seeing yourself in the mirror, or reflected on the water at a lake, it is true that those things do not become part of who we are.  They are merely just allowing us to see things from a different perspective.  Perhaps we need to see those reflections of the things that are actually there before we can think really deeply about anything. 

     Why the reason for these deep thoughts?  Well, I can't name my blog Reflective Literacy if part of that means to just bounce something back.  Plus, maybe I need to do more than be reflective about literacy.  Perhaps it is time to put those reflections into ACTION.

     Responsive, by definition, means:

     That's what I want to be!!!  Responsive!!!

I want to not only reflect, but do something about it in a timely manner.  (That can be a big weakness of mine...)
I want to be positive with my actions.
I want to answer the needs that others have, not just add to them.
I want to be responsive, in both my literacy coaching, but also with my family.

      So, welcome to Responsive Literacy!  If you previously bookmarked my blog, please change the address because I have found a new name!