First Week Shared Reading

Saturday, August 17, 2013

     Now that the first week has arrived, and now that we have clarified what shared reading could be, I am going to share 2 texts that you could use this week with your kids.  There is no pressure to officially do your daily shared reading activities this week, but if you find that you have some time they might be useful.

Click the Titles below to see the actual text!

What Readers Can Do
This text is a mini book by Douglas Wood.  It just talks about some of the wonderful things that reading allows us to do.  It would be a great motivator when trying to set an initial purpose for reading when building stamina.  It could also be starting points for various written responses.  You could have the kids find books in your library that fit the descriptions in the book, or you could use those descriptions to find books for your read alouds.  "You can go back in time to some long ago day, Be a king, be a queen, be a pirate, gang way!"  I bet there are many books in your library that would fit that description.  I scanned the book into a google presentation that can but used on your Smart board, but I do have a class set of them as well that you could borrow.

The First Day of School
This text is a wonderful poem by Judith Viorst.  I used it with my very first class, since I have always loved her books.  I just remembered how wonderful she is after we went to a play at Emerald City Theater 2 years ago to see Alexander.  I could see you using this text with the kids to discuss their fears, but also to write their own beginning of the year poems.  What were they worried about as the year began at Hiawatha?

2013-14 is going to be a great year!

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